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Versatile gift

This limited edition Lithoprint is a celebration of the world of contract bridge.

It is as beautiful as it is unique. A captivating tribute to this challenging mindsport, played at-tables or on-line in all corners of the world. This lithograph highlights the unity between partners, the competitiveness of the game, without sacrificing the grace or welcoming spirit that goes hand in hand with play.

Only 500 lithoprints were made, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project. Supporters ranged from amateurs just starting the game to players of the bridge world circuit, including the Bermuda Bowl. Hence the trophy painted on the banner. These are now available for purchase through this web site or affiliates who support the program. Between 10 and 30 Euros of each sale is donated to a charitable cause, depending on the affiliate, because goodness is the bottom line.

From the Kickstarter campaign

The lithoprints have been printed on finest quality, wood-free, acid-free heavyweight paper. The printer's location is at the traditional center of fine-quality printing, Heidelberg in Germany, using the most modern techniques and most vivid inks to achieve the best results.
Image width 52.0 cm. Image height 39.0 cm, (20 1/2 in x 15 1/2 in)
There is a white border (passepartout) around the image giving a total paper dimension of 60.0 cm x 49 cm (23 1/2 in x 19 1/4 in)

Our Team

A year ago, Alan searched for a picture to hang on the wall showing the different facets of this amazing game. He found nothing. Eventually he contacted Martin Holt, whose work was already much loved in Alan's household and together the two of them discussed, sketched and fantasized how to show contract bridge in a picture, and look thrilling and humorous even to those who do not play bridge.

When both were happy with the sketches, Martin put brush to paper and Alan set up a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of producing the lithoprint to make it available to likeminded.

Feedback was terrific (e.g., so the remaining lithoprints are offered through this Web shop.

Martin Holt

Martin Holt Internationally acclaimed artist and cartoonist
Tel Aviv, Israel

Alan Rickayzen

Alan Rickayzen Bridge enthusiast
Heidelberg, Germany